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Cellvation5G Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

5G EMF, The Next New Super Toxin RESCUE Has Arrived!

The Bodywhisperer, Creator of Cellvation5G 

Published 2021

Cellvation5G Harmonizers are made by hand, with love in America! By viewing this site and accepting the amazing Cellvation5G EMF Harmonizing device, you understand that Cellvation5G and it's affiliates and promotions is manufacturing, assembling the product in the united States, for the benefit and survival of mankind! Cellvation5G's amazing advanced Proprietary Gold-Tech Bio-Harmonizing technology is not for public or "government" consumption, use or sale and is exclusively created for the free benefit of men, women, children, animals and all of nature and is for people's private use and massive benefit and healing only. Cellvation5G technology is based upon Quantum Physics/Biophoton and ancient healing modalities and is not to ever be construed as "medical" or any relationship thereto. Cellvation5G and the content contained herein is not a medical device(s), medical treatment(s) or medical information/advice. The information, products, opinions or advice contained herein should not ever be construed nor intended as any legal or medical information, advice, treatment, cure, diagnosis or "disease" control, management or "medical" therapy(s) whatsoever. [In the event the reader believes the need may exist for "medical attention", "advice" or "treatment", please find a competent licensed medical or legal sales rep. or practitioner in your state, city, province or county. The information contained herein has not been approved, nor is associated with nor intended for use, associations or benefit of the for profit corporation generally known as the F.D.A., C.D.C. or any other "government" or "medical" entity(s)/agency(s).

Cellvation5G insures all information gathered on this site or any of it's affiliates is private and will not ever be sold, shared or utilized for any reason outside of each providers intended purposes.  

Cellvation5G guarantees that each Harmonizer is hand crafted in the United States and tested for maximum performance, grounding and coherence, guaranteed! In the event that you are not fully satisfied and confident, we will gladly refund your purchase. (Please return the Cellvation5G Harmonizer in new condition.) Privacy, Terms & Conditions

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